About Us


In this day and age, consumers are bombarded and over-exposed to products and companies everywhere. Today’s consumers are savvy about the marketing and graphics they are exposed to.

Consumers pay ATTENTION to what stands out from the rest!

Since 1997, VIP Global Marketing continues to be on the cutting edge of media marketing. We direct companies and products toward brand superiority and customer confidence through powerful advertising, dynamic design and effective marketing strategy. We weave our web of magic around each and every project to unveil a unique, one of a kind piece that will capture the essence of your Vision, Carve out a unique niche for your company, connect you directly to your audience and SHINE!

Founder & Creative Director, WildFlower

WildFlower is a visionay marketing artist. Formerly known as Jessalyn Devereaux, she is an accomplished Strategic Marketing Specialist & Graphic Artist with a portfolio branching across a variety of industries. She directs a team of professionals to create Stylish, Sophisticated, Classy, Innovative, Creative & Personalized Marketing expressions for clients who appreciate the finer things in life. Those who have the abilitiy to recognize theĀ nuancesĀ of Art will appreciate that all the design concepts capture the Individual Nature or Essence of the client or product. These are no ordinary graphics or websites, they are not a dime a dozen and they never will be. Art + Vision = Plan for Success


Our Team

Our team of experts steer project direction to ensure that you receive maximum impact for the dollars spent. Our talented Marketing Specialists, Graphic Artists, Commercial Producers and Website Development Professionals combine your Passion, Vision, Business Goals/Objectives with Artistic Inspiration and Real World Market Analysis of demographics for your intended audience.

From Spas, Energetic Healing Centers and Leisure & Recreation Companies…to Reality Shifters and Psychics of the New Paradigm….to Mortgage Companies, Financial Institutions and Banks….to Chiropractors and Massage Therapists…to Artists, Musicians, Bands, Celebrities, Movie Posters and CD’s….companies know the difference when we have used our golden touch – that style that makes all the difference in your business communications.

Our clientele includes: International Companies, Privately Owned Businesses, Performers (Actors, Musicians, Models) Artists, several Fortune 500 companies and high-profile celebrities across the world.

Tags: Advertising, Intuitive Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, Internet Marketing, Image Consulting, Publicity, E-Business Development, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Commercial Audio Production. Business Logos, Graphic Design, Business cards, Corporate Identity, Brochures, Product labels, CD and DVD Packaging, Custom Web Site Design, E-Zine & Newsletter Design.